2017 MSERA Annual Meeting

Papers Proceedings

Michele Morton, Basim Shokr, Minadene Waldrop

Does Spirituality help College Students deal with Stressful Events? A Qualitative Investigation
Mohamed A. Ali , Sally Franco , Franco Zengaro

Engaging Reluctant Writers: Revision, Collaboration, and Solo Pursuits
Lisa Abney, Gregory Bouck

Grenada, Mississippi, 1966: A Historical Case Study of the “School to Prison” Pipeline
james Adams, Natalie Adams

Analysis of Reading Comprehension Proficiency Gap between ELL and non-ELL Readers: Latent Growth Curve Modeling Using IRT Scale Scores
Zaya Ahmed, Jwa Kim, Daren Li

What inclusion model is best for students with moderate to severe disabilities in the secondary setting?
Joseph Akpan, Larry Beard, Duska Fields, Charles Notar

Perceptions of Undergraduate Secondary Education Teacher Candidates on the Process of Conducting Action Research to Evaluate Their Teaching
Tina Allen, Kimberly McFall

Three Teachers, Three Outcomes: Alternatively Certified Literacy Teachers and Their Use of Support
Dr. Kathleen Alley, Dr. Devon Brenner, Karen Cole Toralba

State Policy and MSERA Members: Discussions about Engagement and Advocacy  
Kathleen Alley, Devon Brenner, Kristin Javorsky, Michael Mott, Julie Rust

Advancing Literature Discussions One Tweet at a Time
Kathleen Alley

Bader Alshammari, Morton Michele, Waldrop Minadene

Kould Alzahrani, Minadene Waldrop, Minadene Waldrop

Developing and Implementing Primary Sources Curriculum: Benefits and Challenges
Kenneth Anthony, Paul Binford, Nicole Miller

Influence of Professionl Learning on Elementary STEM Teacher Self-Efficacy
Douglas "Ty" Arendall, Karen Birkenfeld, Thomas Castille, Leslie Ennis, Brad Lewis, Jodi Newton

Understanding Career Counseling Interventions that School Counselors Use with Students in Poverty
Na Mi Bang, Valerie Couture, Angela Harless

Number Talks with Preservice Teachers to Develop Three Levels of Unit for Fractions
Angela Barlow, Natasha Gerstenschlager

Mississippi Teachers’ Knowledge and Perceptions of Student Mental Health
Nashedra Barry, Anastasia Elder, Carlen Henington, Nicole Miller

Exploring US and international digital natives academic use of technology
Angela Benson, Jamie Mills, Cherelle Young

University Alumni Donor Contributions: A Survey of Student Scholarship Recipients Perceptions of Charitable Giving
Kris Biondolillo, John Hall, Craig Jones, Chris Williams

A Comparison of Basic Subject Areas Content Exam Scores for Fifteen Consecutive Semesters
Kris Bista, Rhonda Mann, Ava Pugh

“We Aren’t the Same!” International Student Experiences in Eastern Australia, Lessons for the West
Krishna Bista, David Lausch, Cody Perry

Self-Reported Indicators for Success: Stories from North African Middle Eastern Arab Male University Students transitioning to Western U.S. University
Krishna Bista, David Lausch, Cody Perry

Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education: Problems and Viable Solutions to Better Guarantee Success
Matthew Blackwell, Corey Kelly, Dent Kelly, Jacoquyn Rasco, Lyle Wallace

Metacognitive Prompts: A Reading Apprenticeship Strategy to Improve Metacognition and Reading Comprehension of At-Risk Community College Students in a Reading-Based Class
Barbara Boschert, Sally Zengaro

Comparing Supervisors’ Satisfaction with Alternately and Traditionally Prepared Teacher Interns
Devon Brenner, Anastasia Elder, Nicole Miller

Got Grit? Higher Levels Reported Within Hard Majors
Audri Brown, Kasia Gallo, Shelby McGrew

Describing Activity Breaks During The School Day: A Preliminary Analysis
Kathleen Burriss, Larry Burriss, Monica Hill, Donald Snead

Discussion and Distribution of Play Research: A content Analysis of Existing Play Literature
Kathleen Burriss, Larry Burriss, Monica Hill, Donald Snead

Effect of Previous Role and Experience on Principals’ Self-Reported Behaviors
Lynette Busceme, Kiffany Pride

Accelerating Remedial Math Education: Lessons Learned from Louisiana’s Community Colleges
Emily Campbell, Rene Cintron

An Examination of Clinical Experiences of Principal Preparation Programs in the South
Kathleen Campbell, Mindy Crain-Dorough, Randy Parker

[IR]14: Irrational Reasoning for Improbable Research with Impossible Replicability and Irreproducible Results by Irresponsible Researchers--Ineptly Represented, Inexplicably Rendered, Inappropriately Rehashed and Incomprehensibly Resurrected by Irascible
Kathy Campbell, Larry G. Daniel, Dusti Hebert, Julie A. Holmes, Nykela Jackson, Walter M. Matthews, Jim McLean, Rachelle Miller, Randy Parker

Writing to Learn and Learning to Write: Strategies to Integrate Writing in the College Classroom
Sherry Campbell, Erin Klash

Office Operational Audit
Clara Carroll, Terry Figley, Erin Hasler, Jenny Schuthe, Chris Williams

Developing Empathetic Learners
Carolyn Casale, Neil Conner

Taking Apart the Whole: A Study of Word Learning Strategies That Work
Jennifer Chambers

Professional Development and Rural World Language Teachers
Krista Chambless, Kelly Moser

Problem-Based Instruction: Moving From Passive to Active STEM Instruction
Kelly Chaney, Tony Hall, Nancy Hamilton, Keith Harris, Gail Hughes, Sandra Leiterman, Anne Lindsay, Lundon Pinneo

Learner Perceptions of Demotivator in EFL Classroom: Experiences of Failure on Learning Outcomes
Xi Chen, Tianlan Wei, Jianling Xie, Yan Zeng

Analysis of Service-Learning: Perceived Outcomes and Influential Factors
XI CHEN, Meng Te Hung, Beverlee Jackson , Sarah Medlock

Effect of Parental Involvement in Student Extracurricular Activities on Student Academic Success
Jessica Childs, Kasia Gallo

Developing Cultural Competency: A Program Evaluation
Landon Clark, Teresa Clark

Administration to Faculty: A Qualitative Study of a New Career Path
Teresa Clark, Randy Wilson

Study of Data-Gathering Software Use by K-6 Teachers in General and Special Education
Dr. Jonnie Cleveland, Dr. Rose Jones, Dr. Sharon Rouse

Preparing Black Female Faculty for Prominence, Power and Presence in the Academy
Linda Coats, Melody Fisher, Pamela Scott-Bracey, C. LaShan Simpson

Educator Usage of Technology in Mississippi Classrooms
Karen Cole, Anastasia Elder, Shane McGregor, Nicole Miller

Educator Satisfaction and Principal/Supervisor Leadership Style
Peggy Connell, Jodi Newton

Understanding the Use of Experiential Education in Online Counselor Education Programs to Increase Counselor Skill Development and Multicultural Counseling Competency
Valerie Couture

Phenomena, the 5E Model, and New Science Standards: Implications for Student Success
Susannah Craig

The 20-Question Model and Concept Mapping: Illuminating Science Misconceptions
Susannah Craig

So You Want to Be a Faculty Member? Volume 4
Mindy Crain-Dorough, Dustin Hebert, Franz Reneau

Research Skills Utilized by Principals: A Review of Relevant Literature and Instructional Applications
Mindy Crain-Dorough

Undergraduate Intern Perspectives as Participants of a Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program in Nutrition and Dietetics
Jacqueline Craven, Ensley Howell

Factors Influencing Geometry Students’ Ability to Compute Area of Polygons
Jennifer Crissey, Rebecca Robichaux-Davis

Relation between STAR scores and passing scores on the MKAS2 Test
Irmarie Cruzz-Lóp, Daniel Gadke

A Survey of Master’s Level Capstone Experiences at a Metropolitan University
Ed Cunliff, Mike Nelson, Melissa Powers, Elle Skelton

The Impact of Reading Interventions on Self-Esteem and Self-Perception in Struggling Readers
Jessica Cunningham, Kathy Prater, Nikole Roberts

STEM camp: Malleability of students' spatial skills
Deborah Dailey, Jason Trumble

Teacher Candidates’ Data Literacy: Learning Through Integrated Technology Tools
Deborah Dailey, Michael Mills, Jason Trumble, Donna Wake

Research on Improving Schools: The Role of the Teacher and the Engagement of Students
Larry Daniel

Research Findings, Educational Policy, and School Improvement
Larry Daniel, TaKara Hart, Sylvester Rolack

Mokken Scale Analysis and Statistics Anxiety
Thomas DeVaney

Latent Growth Curve Analysis of Third Graders’ Performance Throughout the Year on Reading Benchmark Assessments
Emily Dodge, Jwa Kim

An Exploration of Teacher Educators’ Implementation of Differentiated Instruction
Allison Downing, Nykela Jackson, Jeannie Lockley, Jalynn Roberts

Precollege Credit Programs: Which Programs Work for Which Students?
Adam Elder, Guadalupe Lamadrid

Social and Emotional Learning: Addressing a Missing Link in Teacher Preparation
Cindy Elliott

New Teachers and Self-Efficacy: A Theoretical Approach
Krystal Flantroy

Understanding the impact of professional development on graduate teaching assistants role-identity as chemistry laboratory instructors
Tasha Frick

Hands-on workshop: The science behind successfully teaching (and learning) APA manuscript formatting.
Kasia Gallo, Kaitlyn May

Body Weight and Self-Esteem: A Meta-Analytic Study from 1994-2017
Kasia Gallo, Hope Gilbert, Meng-Te Hung, Katie Huston, David Morse, Kimberly Peeples, Jianling Xie

Becoming a Special Educator: Investigating Preservice Teachers’ Preferences
Rebecca Giles, Todd Johnson, Linda Reeves

Preservice Teachers' Understanding of Twice-Exceptional Learners (ADHD/Gifted)
Candy Grant

Mobile Device Usage during Instructional Time: Faculty and Student Perspectives
Candy Grant, JianLing Xie

Information literacy of STEM majors: A collaboration between STEM and library faculty
Christy Groves, Denise Quintel, Mary Ellen Sloan, Angelique Troelstrup

Challenges and Barriers to Success as Experienced by One International Graduate Student within the Psychosocial context in the Initial Acculturation Process
Maria Gutierrez, Dr. Barbara N. Young

“This Class Was Exactly How I Learned to Swim”: Reflections on Immersion Model Field Experiences
Christopher Hansen, Roland Schendel

A Comparison of Cross-Disciplinary Trends in Biology and Mathematics Education Research
Melanie Haupt, Joshua Reid, Amdeberhan Tessema, Lucy Watson

APA and Microsoft Word: A Hands-On "How-To" on Formatting APA Documents
Dustin Hebert

Statistics Related Attitudes & Perceptions for Graduate Students from Social Sciences
Liuli Huang, Erin Scott-Stewart

The Preferred Statistics Learning Styles for Social Science Graduate Students
Liuli Huang

Paths to Teacher Licensure
Gail Hughes, Jennifer Hune, Melissa Sigel

Using Emergent Design Research Method to Design an Electrochemistry Laboratory Activity
Vichuda Hunter, Amy Phelps

Teacher Candidates Self-Efficacy Toward Classroom Management
Nykela Jackson, Rachelle Miller

NCAA's Amateurism Policy: A Viable Model or the Modern Day Exploitation of Today's Student-Athletes?
Andrew Jakiel

Correlational Study Between Tenth Graders' GPA and and STAR Assesment Academic Growth
Newton Jodi, Barron Jonathon, Connell Peggy

A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Exploration: The Challenges of African American Women in Doctoral Education
Dr. Jessica Jones

Preparation for Teaching in Rural Schools: Alternate Route Certified Teachers' Perspectives
Autumn K. Jordon

The Effects of Computerized and Traditional Ear Training Programs on Aural Skills of Elementary Students
Patrick Kariuki, Zachary Ross

Changing Course with Metacognitive Strategies
Christa King, Chelsey Vincent

Defining and Measuring Critical Thinking Skills for a Quality Enhancement Plan
Beverly McCauley Klecker

How does lesson study promote pedagogical content knowledge of pre-service teachers in a science methods course?
Sandra Lampley

Using peer evaluation to improve teaching
Jamie Larson

"Race Mixing is Communism": Fighting Subversion on Southern Campuses
Lauren Lassabe

Investigating the Leadership Behaviors of Successful Turnaround Leaders
Annette Lee

Explicitly Educating Pre-Service Candidates on the Importance of Applying Professional Dispositions during Field Experiences
Katina Leland, Anne Lindsay

The Use of Authentic Contexts in Elementary Mathematics Pedagogy to Facilitate the Mathematical Practices
Madison Lessley, Harley Middleton, Rebecca Robichaux-Davis

A Comparative Study of African American Males Students in AVID
Jamie Lomax, Donald Snead

Taking Your Research Public: Presentation and Display for Non-Academicians
Jane Nell Luster

Literacy Teachers` Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Practice: An Overview
Masoud Mahmoodi-Shahrebabaki, Eric Oslund

Changing the politics of teacher quality: How history offers support for plurality
Robert Maranto, David Marshall, M. Danish Shakeel

An Experiential Learning Experience for Teacher Candidates: Mentoring a 5th Grade Social Studies Exhibition
Deborah McCarthy

An Investigation of Hidden Curriculum in Children's Cartoons
Shane McGregor

Pre-service Teachers’ Ability to Identify Story Problem Structures: A 10-Year Longitudinal Study
Harley Middleton, Rebecca Robichaux-Davis

An analysis of three assessment methods in secondary career and technical education
Roslyn Miller, Alexis Nordin, Sean Owen, Ashley Priebe Brown

Effect of Visualization and Animation in a Slide-based eLearning Presentation
Michael Mills

Grocery Vocabulary Acquisition: Which Method Works for ESL Adult Learners?
Ha Nguyen

Educator Use of Social Media: Ethical, Legal, and Policy Ramifications for Educational Leaders
George Noflin, Randy Parker

A Step-by-Step Guide to Publishing Journal Articles for Beginning, Emergent, and Experienced Authors
Anthony Onwuegbuzie

A Meta-Framework for Writing the Literature Review Section of Dissertations, Research Articles, and Other Works
Anthony Onwuegbuzie

A Study of the Effects of Phonemic Awareness Interventions for Kindergarteners in Poverty
Janet Parker, Merideth Van Namen

The Level of Assessment Literacy Among Charter Schools' Leaders and Teachers
Mareen Pfeiffer-Hoens, Donald Snead

Kahoot’s Gaming Potential on College-Level Student Motivation, Achievement, and Metacognition
Katerina Sergi, Angela Walton, Jianzhong Xu, Steven Taylor Yarbrough Yarbrough

Universal Design for Learning and Multimedia Technology: Supporting Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students
Lavasha Sherman

Investigating the association between reading teachers’ reading habits and teaching practices: A meta-analysis
Duane Shuttlesworth, Ying Wang

Cheating behaviors in online proctored and unproctored environments
Hannah Street Owens

Middle school students in mathematics competitions
Martha Tapia

Dynamic Mathematics Software Scaffold Students’ Sense-Making in Problem Solving
Amdeberhan Tessema

Considering the Context of Preschool Teacher Compensation
Bridget Thomas

Communicating Research to Policymakers and Practitioners: Understanding Divergent Perspectives and Sharing Data Effectively
Bridget Thomas

Innovative Strategies in Community College Organizational Structure
Tina Tinney, William Wainwright

Integrating Socratic Seminar with Twitter in Teacher Preparation Courses
Timothy Watkins

Interest, Affect, and Achievement Motivation: Rediscovering the Role of Academic Interest
Tianlan Wei


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