MSERA 2018 Annual Meeting

Papers Proceedings

Preservice teachers' experiences to become teachers: Ethnographic perspectives
Mohamed A. Ali

Education and Social Change: Philosophies of Malcolm X and Kwame Nkrumah
Bright Da-Costa Aboagye, Thelma Missedja

"We All Came Together on the Football Field" But: The Role of Sports in School Desegregation
James Adams , Natalie Adams

Strategies of cross-cultural communication in higher education
Yohanna Agyei, Clement Yeboah

Investigating gender-related differential item functioning among the ELL and non-ELL students in an English Art Language assessment based on common core state standards
Zahya Ahmed, Jwa Kim

Getting started with SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning)
Tina Allen, Jill Underhill, Brittany Riley

Prompting Techniques to Improve Student Writing
Mindy Allenger, Kimberly McFall

Effects of District Leadership on School Improvement
Abraham Andero, Walter Knighton

Transformative Learning Within Social Work Diversity Education: A Mixed Methods Study
Lauren Anzaldo

Marx Library Live: Increasing Student Engagement with Library Resources Using Social Media
Stephanie Ard, Elizabeth Shepard

An Analytical Literature Review on Social Mobility and Higher Education
Sandra Ayivor

Exploring the Experiences of African Doctoral Students in Selected US Universities
Sandra Ayivor

The Role of Micro-Communities in Higher Education
Fredrick Baker III

Testing aid utility: A review of the literature
Iva Ballard

An Analysis of Student Chronic Absenteeism in Alabama High Schools
Travis S. Bender, Cherlandra R Holley, Jacquelin J. Spike, F. Jane Cobia

Investigating the Family Factor on Literacy Interventions with Struggling Readers
Tammy Benson, Crystal Voegele

Advocacy Training for Louisiana Teachers
Margaret Bienvenu, Meghann Jordan, Allison Bernard, Maria Ruiz

"Can I come see you in your office?" Encouraging Revision in the Online Environment
Gregory Bouck, Lisa Abney

The Demise of Teacher Education Programs in a Southeastern State
Pamela Bracey

An Analysis of the Common Educational Experiences of Students in Selected Top Performing PISA Countries
Kristi Bradford, Lisa Lothspeich, Jodi Newton

Casey Brasher

Teachers’ Perceptions of Student-Generated Podcasting as a Learning Tool in Chemistry Education
Barbara Bressette

Can Recreational Therapy using Multisensory Therapy and Progressive Relaxation Training Effect Time on Task of Students with Behavior Disorders?
Ellen Broach, Alexis McKenney

The Impact of Research-Based Practices on Achievement of Students in Grades 6-8 from Low Socio-Economic Backgrounds
Delisa Brooks, Kimberly Evans-Lowe, Christina Norman, Monique Witherspoon

Essential Coaching Skills for Affective Development
Morgan Bullard, Candice Barnes

Examining structures that support student success in selected Doctoral programs
Carlton Burton

An Investigation of Elementary Preservice Teachers’ Levels of Mathematics Anxiety and Self-Efficacy for Teaching Mathematics
Kelly Byrd, Jacob Dasinger, Pamela Moore, Shenghua Zha

Theory into Practice: Educational Leadership Case Story Applications
Kathleen Campbell, Dionne McCurry, Cynthia Sampey, Curtis Walker, Kimberly Littles, Brandon White, Victoria Whitaker

Argumentation in K-12 Mathematics Classrooms: A Systematic Review
Tye Campbell, Shande King

Leadership Approaches and Sustainability of the Implementation of the Reading Recovery Program
Dana Cantillo Perilloux, Evan Mense, Mindy Crain Dorough

Is Scientific Knowledge Amoral? Differentiating Scientific Knowledge from Human Applications of Scientific Knowledge
Tina Carter, Michael Rutledge, Kim Sadler

Making Community Service About Community
Carolyn Casale, Corlis Snow

Exploring Relationships of Motivation, Teachers’ Autonomy Support, Classroom Engagement, Self-efficacy, and Academic Achievement for Chinese Undergraduate English Language Learners
Yanyan Chen, Mengmeng Yin, Jeannine Turner, Wenna Zhang

The Mediation Effect of Students’ Classroom Engagement on the Relationship between their Motivation for Learning English and English Academic Achievement
Yanyan Chen, Fang Liang, Maipeng Wei, Jeannine Turner

Mentoring practices of mentor teachers in a year-long teacher residency program
Yiting Chu

Finding Balance: Managing Administrative Roles for New Faculty Members
Landon Clark, Randal Wilson, Teresa Clark

Preparing for Publication: A Workshop on Writing Your First Article
Teresa Clark, Landon Clark, Randal Wilson

An experimental test of an online growth mindset intervention: Challenging college students' beliefs about VAK learning styles
Colten Collings, Lisa Duffin

Changing the Blah-Blah's to This Rocks: Promoting Strategies for Active Engagement
Melissa Comer, Kathy Brashears

The Use of a Simulated Conference Experience as a Pedagogical Technique in Research Methods Courses
Mindy Crain-Dorough, Adam Elder

The Classroom Management Experience of Educators in Diverse Classrooms: Informing Teacher Education
Laura Dees, Misty LaCour

Research Methods in Educational Leadership Journals: Educational Administration Quarterly, Journal of School Leadership, and Journal of Educational Administration (2015-2017)
Thomas DeVaney

Identifying Organizational Leadership Theory in Teacher Leadership: A Qualitative Content Analysis
Daniella DiMasso

Physical Literacy and Physical Activity: The Impact of Physical Education on High School Seniors
Scott Doig

Reflective Teaching Practices in the K-12 Setting
Lisa Duffey

An Exploration of the Potholes and Successes of Doctoral Students Conducting Literature Reviews
Adam Elder, Mindy Crain-Dorough

Publishing your Research in "The Rural Educator"
Anastasia Elder, Dana Franz

Conducting Meta-Analytic Reviews: Basics for Early Career Researchers
Amy Elleman, Endia Lindo, R. Stacy Fields

A Study of Networked Improvement Communities
Rana Eloubeidi, Peggy H. Connell, Pat Hodge, Shelley Vail-Smith

Expanding the Research on High Impact Practices to Online Teaching and Learning
Melissa Farrish, Lisa Heaton

Perceptions of Texas Superintendents Regarding Online Teacher Training
Neil Faulk, Brett Welch

Meta-analysis of classroom research on Media and Literacy Instruction
Shoudong Feng

College Students' Perception of RTI in College Classes
Shoudong Feng

The Quality of Synchronous Virtual Classrooms: Student Perceptions
Linda Flynn, Kate Reynolds

Student Engagement and Achievement: A Comparison of STEM Schools, STEM Programs, and Non-STEM Settings
Suzanne Franco, Nimisha Patel, Larry Daniel

Hands-on workshop: Crash course in APA manuscript formatting style
Kasia Gallo

Sticky Prominent Features: What Elements of Good and Bad Writing Cross from Elementary School through College Work?
Kasia Gallo, David Morse, Sherry Swain, Richard Graves

The Effects of Collaborative Video Production on Situational Interest of Elementary School Students
Joseph Gaston, Byron Havard

Experiential Learning and the Doctoral Student: How We Engaged and Why You Should Too
Elizabeth Generas, Daniella DiMasso, Colleen Saxen, Erin Lunday, Christopher Krolikowski, Grant Hambright

Picture Book Portrayals of Chinese Culture: An Investigation of Authenticity
Rebecca Giles, Susan Martin, Paige VItulli

Science Faculty Perspectives on the Discipline-specific Academic Needs of Summer Bridge Students
Angela Google

An Analysis of the Evolution of Pre-Service Teachers’ Understanding of Conceptualization in Science Education
Angela Google, Laura Clark

Examining African American parenting influences on African American Student Achievement
Charlotte Green

Examining the Accessibility of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library for Arkansas Children
Charlotte Green, Rachelle Miller

The Impact of a Growth Mindset Intervention on Vocabulary Development
Natalie Griffin

Partnership and Policy in the Context of Leadership
Dana Griggs

Gender/Race Intersectionality Creates Privileged and De-Privileging Spaces for Men Elementary Teachers
Christopher Hansen

Teacher Perspectives on Feedback: A Comparison between Implicit Theories
Kristin Hartland

Exploring the Relationship between Ethnic Identity Development Status, Student Achievement, and the Decision to Engage a College Education among Upward Bound Students
John W Hatcher III

The Peer Assessment Collaboration Evaluation (PACE) Tool
Byron Havard, Megan Podsiad, Courtney Hyland, Karen Valaitis

Unitary Status: It's Impact in Louisiana
Keicia Hawkins

APA and Microsoft Word: A Hands-On, How-To Workshop on Formatting
Dustin Hebert

Evaluating the Influence of Participation in Youth Development Programs on College-Going Decisions
Nikki Heiserman, Landon Clark

Promoting Pre-Service Teachers’ Intercultural Understanding through Children’s Literature
Brian Hibbs

Strategies in Supporting Families in Raising Rural Gifted and Talented Children
Mary Hidalgo, Amanda Mayeaux

The Perceptions of Principals of the Year Regarding Pathways to Effective Leadership
Loni Hodge, Alicia Hunsberger, Allen Johnson, Les Ennis, Jodi Newton

Sport Locus of Control and Perceived Stress among College Athletes
Shelley Holden, Brooke Forester, Henry Williford, Erin Reilly

STEM Recruitment: Scholarships, Internships, and Clinical Experiences
Gail Hughes, Tony Hall, Alicia Cotabish

Implications of CAEP 3.2 on the Composition of the Teaching Profession
Gail Hughes, Anthony Onwuegbuzie

The Effectiveness of Growth Mindset on Comprehension and Achievement Outcomes: A Review of Literature
Jasmine Jackson

Expanding Teacher Pathways: Growing Our Own Teachers Through a University-School Partnership Teacher Cadets Program
Nykela Jackson, Donna Wake

Culturally Responsive Qualitative Research
Lindsey Jakiel Diulus

School Choice Competition and How District Leaders Respond to Resulting Fiscal Impacts
Terrie Johnson, George Noflin

A Comparison of Behavior Management Preparedness for Educators in Alabama
Heather Jones, F. Jane Cobia, Peggy H Connell

A Review of the Literature: Investigating Play understanding, effectiveness, needs, benefits, importance, and play-based curriculum for young children and pre-service teachers in higher education settings.
Rose Jones

Why use hands-on learning for student achievement
Sherry Julian-Robinson, Trasima Richard

Using a Game to Elicit Students’ Conceptual Understanding of Biochemical Pathways
Samuel Karanja, Vichuda Hunter, Amy Phelps

What makes high quality online courses? – Student perspective
Minkyoung Kim

Individualized Instructional Overlay in a Learner-Centered Learning Process
Minkyoung Kim

Poverty and Learning: The Effects of Poverty in the Classroom
Jessie King

Developing Students' Ability to Create Arguments through Collective Argumentation
Shande King, Tye Campbell

Examining the Validity and Reliability of a University's Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA)
Beverly Klecker

Teacher Candidates with Learning Disabilities: A Review of the Literature
Karen Kleppe Graham

You are the what??? Offensive Mascots and School Accountability
Jason Lee, Susan Alessandri, Elizabeth Gregg

Academic Storytelling: Telling a Compelling Brand Story through Academic Branding and Visual Identity
Jason Lee, Elizabeth Gregg

A Mixed-Method Study of Leadership Development and Succession Planning Model
Petra Leonard, Jane Cobia, Peggy Connell

Daren Li, Jwa Kim, Eric Oslund

A Multilevel Growth Modeling Analysis of Chinese Undergraduate English Language Learners’ Language Learning Anxiety
Fang Liang, Maipeng Wei, Yanyan Chen, Jeannine Turner

Preparing for Promise: A Case Study on Proactive Change
Ben Littlepage, Teresa Clark

Mindful-Awareness Practices: History, Definition, and Current Practice
Cathryn Lokey

Attributes of a Successful Field Experience: A Best-Worst Scaling Study
Myra Lovett, Shalanda Stanley, David Lovett, Carolyn Hushman

Taking Your Research Public: Presentation and Display for Non-academicians
Jane Nell Luster

Preparation Techniques and Student Motivation towards Course: Impact on Final Exam Grade
Eunice Luyegu, Kerri Easterling, Sunayana Malavalli, Rachel Weber

The Intentionality of Christian Educators: How Faculty at Three Christian Universities Integrate Faith into Their Profession
Stephen Marvin

Review of Research on Sleep and Mental Health in Adolescents
Jordan Mathis

Predictors of Unhealthy Weight Control Behaviors of Adolescents: A Systematic Review
Kelse Matthews, Xu Jiang

Growing Your Leadership Intelligence
Wanda Maulding Green

Motivational Factors of Teachers towards Post-Secondary Opportunities of Rural Students
Amanda Mayeaux

Consequences to Providing Opportunities for Rural Teachers(PORT) and Students (PORS)
Kimberly McAlister, Ramona Wynder

A study of homeschooling trends in Americ
Kimberly McFall, David Holman

Participation of Students with Intellectual Disabilities in Research on Alternatives to School Suspension
Kimberly McFall, Conrae Lucas-Adkins, Lanai Jennings

Finding Required Matching Dollars for Grant Proposals
James McLean

Validation of a multiform instrument of teachers' knowledge of basic English language components
Melissa McMahan, Timothy Odegard

The Gray Divide: A Stage Theory Analysis of Technology Adoption by Older Adults
Juanita McMath

Attending to Precision: The Use of Mathematically Precise Language & Symbolism of Students in an After-School Program
Harley Middleton, Rebecca Robichaux-Davis

Faculty Perceptions: Preparing Teacher Candidates in Culturally Responsive Teaching
Rachelle Miller, Nykela Jackson, Sunny Styles-Foster

The Highest-Scoring Students in the World
Hani Morgan

A Systematic Literature Review of Dynamic Assessment with English Language Learners
Katie Myers

Adopting a Meta-Generative Way of Thinking in the Field of Education via the Use of Bayesian Methods
Prathiba Natesan, Peter Boedeker, Anthony Onwuegbuzie

English Song Lyrics as a Mediator in Acquisition of English Language Forms
Ha Nguyen, Stephanie Lemley

Reflective Practices and Beneficial Implications: Alleviating Acute Shortages in Teacher Preparation
Ha Nguyen

Equity for ELLs: How to Level Literacy Instructions for All Students in a Disciplinary Classroom
Ha Nguyen

Perspectives of Teachers and Students about the Teaching of English in Vietnam
Ngan Nguyen, Francis Godwyll

Collaborative learning and Dialogue: Co-constructing knowledge in classrooms
Joan Nkansah

Cognitive Dissonance: The bane of value systems
Charles Notar, joesph Akpan, Larry Beard

The Stratey of Temptation: The Foundation of Fake News
Charles Notar, joesph Akpan, Larry Beard

On Students Critical Thinking Skills: A Content Analysis of Five States Standards of LearningOn Students Critical Thinking Skills: A Content Analysis of Five States Standards of Learning
Oluseyi (Matthew) Odebiyi, Ashley Tickle Odebiyi

Assessing Existential Authenticity: Validation of the Reflections on One’s Life Questionnaire for Teachers/Adults
Oluseyi Matthew Odebiyi

Factors That Promote Student Satisfaction in Technology-Mediated Learning Environment in Higher Education
Dorcas Oduro

To Write or not to Write with Discipline?: Writing Error-Based Predictors of Editor’s Decision of Manuscripts Submitted to Research in the Schools
Anthony Onwuegbuzie, Eunjin Hwang

Teachers' ability and confidence in data-based decision making
Eric Oslund, Amy Elleman, Kelli Wallace, Adam Rollins

Impact of Computational Thinking on Students’ Mathematics Achievement in Elementary Grade Classrooms
Vicky Ozment, Monique Witherspoon

Building Awareness of and Capacity for the Qualities and Roles of Effective Teacher Leaders
Randy Parker, George Noflin

Strategies and Models for Integrating Response to Intervention Model in Mathematics in Middle and High Schools
Lynn Patterson

Katherine Penny, Vivian Wright, Margaret Rice

Congruence between Student Learning Styles, Instructional Preferences, and Course Experiences
Tommy Phillips

Teacher Preparation in Times of Change: Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions about Effective Mentorship during Clinical Experiences
Leilya Pitre

Michael Pope, Tommye Henderson, Bobby Franklin

A Comparison of Basic Subject Areas Content Exam Scores for Seventeen Consecutive Semesters
Ava Pugh, Rhnda Mann, Sherlyn Powell, Myra Lovett, Yiting Chu, Shalanda Stanley

Student perceptions of using assigned roles to increase social presence in online discussions
Angela Rand

Self-Efficacy and Teacher Retention: Perception of Novice Teachers on Job Preparation, Job Support, and Job Satisfaction
Suzanne Redman, Virginia Foley

Choosing a Career in Special Education
Linda Reeves, Erin Williams, Lila Smith

Frameworks in Educational Research: Why the Transtheoretical Model Should be Considered
Margaret Rice, Juanita McMath, Vivian Wright

Developing Teachers for Teaching Math to English Learners
Maria Isolina Ruiz, Melissa Gallagher

Project InTac: Research & Mentoring on Tennesee's Drive to 55 Initiative
Anthony Sanders

Using Book Clubs to Encourage Middle School Reading Interest: A Qualitative Case Study
Marc Shoemaker

Sandra Kay Smith, Lynette Busceme

School Transformation: Teachers as Change-Agents
Donald Snead, Kathleen Burriss

Primary Students' Engagement in Read Alouds
Corlis Snow, Carolyn Casale

Stefanie Sorbet

Pre-Service Teachers' Use of Instructional Strategies When Comprehending and Instructing using Contextually Challenging Text
Hannah Szatkowski

Statistical Techniques Used in the Journal of Educational Psychology From 2013 - 2017
Jesus Tanguma

The Effects of Pictionary and Traditional Vocabulary Strategies on Student Performance in a 9th Grade ELA Classroom
Jordan Taylor, Patrick Kariuki

An Analysis of Educator Professional Knowledge of Title IX Based on Gender and Years of Experience
Al Temple, Leslie Ennis, Peggy Connell

Increasing the Impact of Early Childhood Research: Changing Paradigms for Research Communication
Bridget Thomas

Amy Thompson

Role of Informal Use of Digital Technologies in Doctoral Student’s Learning and Socialization Experience.
Zita Tiamuh

Recycling for Science Literacy
Angelique Troelstrup

Technology Across the Curriculum: Strengthening its Effectiveness
Shaunna Uzat, Larry Daniel

What We Learned from Teaching International Students
Minadene Waldrop, Bobby Franklin, Kimberly Walker McAlister

Preparing Generalist Early Childhood Teachers to Work with Exceptional Children Who Are Culturally and Linguistically Diverse
Karen Walker

Adolescents’ Math Attitudes in a Global Context
Soung Hwa Walker

Factors of Math Attitudes on Math Achievement between Asian and Non-Asian Countries
Soung Hwa Walker

Teachers' knowledge and implementation of Response to Intervention practices: Graph literacy and data-based decision making
Kelli Wallace, Eric Oslund, Amy Elleman, Jwa Kim

Improving the Comprehension of Struggling 3rd Grade Readers
Meagan Walsh

The Exploration of Educational Opportunity and Social Mobility
Min Wang

Item Structure of the CCSS-Based 6th Grade English Language and Arts Test: Application of Unidimensional and Multidimensional IRT Methods
Ping Wang, Jwa Kim

Relationship Between English Language Arts Skills and Mathematics Achievement among Third-Grade Students
Qian Wang, Jwa Kim , Keunjae Lee

Close the Achievement Gap with Professional Development
Ying Wang, Duane Shuttlesworth

Investigating the Reciprocality of Parental Expectations and Children's Mathematics Achievement
Tianlan Wei, Jianling Xie, Katerina Sergi

A Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Academic Emotions on Achievement Motivation
Tianlan Wei, Jianling Xie

Using Story Grammar to Scaffold Young Children’s Personal Narratives in Digital Storytelling
Xue Wen

Personal Factors Influencing University Women Leaders’ Career Paths and Presidential Aspirations
Celeste Wheat, Lilian Hill

Administrators' Perceptions Regarding the Effectiveness of the Teacher Observation Evaluation System
Kathleen Williams

Implementing Effective Student Recruitment Measures in the Department of Education: Geaux Teach
Kathleen Williams, Angelique Ogea

Cultivating the Roots of STEM: Investigating the Impact of a STEM Program on Adolescents
Michelle Wilson

Writing a dissertation: The things I wish I had known when I wrote mine!
Randal Wilson, Teresa Clark, Landon Clark

Academic Boredom among Graduate Students: A Qualitative Exploration of Contributors, Attributional Styles, and Coping Strategies
Jianling Xie, Jianzhong Xu, Tianlan Wei, Jonathan Lobsenz

Moral Development and Sports Participation in Adolescents: A Cross-Sectional Study
Sally Zengaro, Franco Zengaro

Teaching ELLs: The Missing Piece of Teacher Preparation Jigsaw
Daina Zhu, Ha Nguyen

Designing Effective Instruction for the 5-E Learning Cycle
Susan Zimlich

Bloom’s Taxonomy: One Semester Is Not Enough
Susan Zimlich


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