2019 MSERA Annual Meeting

Papers Proceedings

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111 "Signature Thinking"
Amanda Griffith

205 "Unmasking Her Story: A Single Case Study of a Black Female's Sense of Belonging in Engineering"
Crystal Parker

40 #whyIteach: A Content Analysis of Eight Early Childhood Teacher Vignettes
Karen Walker

215 A Comparative Study of the Effects of Computer-Assisted Instruction on the Reading Achievement of First Grade Students
Tracy Hudson, Linda Reeves, Rebecca Giles, Lauren Brannon

80 A Comparison of Attitudes by Pre-service Teachers of Feeling Prepared for Teaching in the Elementary School in Three Subject Areas When Compared to Content Exam Scores of Knowledge for These Three Basic Subject Areas
Ava Pugh, Rhonda Mann, Sherlyn Powell, Taylor Paul

65 A Conceptual Representation of the Language Teachers` Knowledge Repertoire, Information Literacy, Self-efficacy, and Burnout
Masoud Mahmoodi Shahrebabaki, Eric Oslund

133 A District's Approach to Support Teacher Agency: A Teacher-Led Professional Development Framework
Cara Skaggs

5 A Hub and Spokes Model of Communication Impact: Results from a Participant-Observer Ethnography of People who are Deaf with Disabilities
Sherry Shaw

144 A Qualitative Study on the Pedagogical Changes Teachers Experience When They Embrace Project Based Learning and Develop a Transformational Learning Pedagogy
Tamera Crews

31 A Quantitative Analysis of the Relationship Between Wellness and Physical Activity Integration Coursework and Pre-Service Teachers’ Self-Efficacy
Alicia Stapp, Catherine Harmon

127 A Social Skills Assessment for Preschoolers: Reliability and Validity
Hannah Wakefield, Kristin Johnson, Hiroki Matsuo

197 Accelerated Reader in Elementary and Middle School: A Review of Literature
Jennifer Grow, Amy M. Elleman

39 Adapted Self-Regulated Strategy Development: An Intervention for Second Language Adolescents
R. Stacy Fields, Amy Elleman, Eric Oslund, Laura Clark, Zahya Ahmed, Collin Olson

33 Adding Social Emotional Awareness to Teacher Education Field Experiences
Deborah McCarthy

101 Adding Teachers’ Voices to the Common Core Policy Conversation: A Case Study of Kentucky Teachers
Audrey Harper, Lisa Duffin

114 Affective-Behavioral-Cognitive Attitudes Toward Mathematics
Soung Hwa Walker, Jesus Tanguma, Robin Duncan

99 Age, Anxiety, and Attitudes towards Statistics and Research Among Adult Online Learners
Donna Heretick, Jesus Tanguma

28 An analysis of Middle Tennessee teachers' Job Satisfaction
Kasey Warren

49 An Analysis of Novice Teachers’ Perceptions Regarding their Teacher Preparation Program, Professional Support, and the Purpose of School
Virginia Foley, María Verónica Paz Tagle

172 An Exploration into Teachers' Perceptions of School Leaders' Emotional Intelligence
Ellen Caillouet

62 Analysis of the Effect of Kindergarten Retention on Academic Success in Grade Three
Rachel Robertson

116 APPEL Program: Perspectives of APPEL Candidates, Mentors, and School District Administrators
Mary Lowrey

90 Application of item response theory (IRT) in diagnostic reading comprehension tests
Ping Wang, Jwa Kim

200 APPY Hour: teaching (and fun!) with iPads
Kimberly McFall, Tina Allen, Lisa Heaton, George Watson

68 Are teachers or parents better raters of social skills in preschool children?
Kristin Johnson, Hiroki Matsuo, Ryan Farmer, Ken Thompson, Hannah Wakefield

143 Assessing Teacher Leader Identity in the Context of the Classroom
Louis Nadelson, Loi Booher, Michael Turley

119 Black Girl Magic: Using Cultured Centered Mentoring for African American Female Students
Kayla Allain, Kimberly Frazier

130 Can Leadership Be Taught?: Implications for Leadership Educators
Jill Channing, Virginia Foley, William Flora

193 Challenges in Mentoring Preservice and Novice Teachers
Shalanda Stanley, Myra Lovett, Matt Lovett

47 Challenges International Students Face in their Academic Writing: A Case of English Language and Orientation Program Students at a southen univeristy
Constant Mucika

217 Computer Science Education in High Schools: A Literature Review
Ajayi Anwansedo, Akai Smith

194 Connecting Predictors of Reading Research to Classroom Practice
Cynthia Ables

37 Creating the Measuring Stick: Determining Teacher Candidate Mastery of Teaching Strategies
Susan Zimlich

184 Cross Cultural Mentoring: A Case Study Perspective
Amber Daniel

220 Defining and Exploring Hazing in Historically White Fraternities
Kimberly Davis

225 Development and Evaluation of Educational Partnerships: Toward a Conceptual Framework
Dana Griggs

32 Development of the STEM Attitudes of Educators (SAE) Tool
Shannon Bales, Christine Schnittka

94 Differences In STAR Early Literacy Scores Among Kindergarteners By Head Start Attendance
Kaysie Burton

128 Disability and Gender Create Privileging/De-privileging Space for Men Teachers of Elementary School
Christopher Hansen

26 Do more diverse education program admission requirements result in a more diverse teacher workforce?
Bruce Smith, Gail Hughes, Amy Sedivy-Benton, Jennifer Hune, Katina Leland, Tony Hall

58 Does Academic Advising Method Affect the Graduation and Retention of First-Generation Community College Students? An Ex Post Facto Study Comparing the Retention and Graduation Rates of Two Student Cohorts Attending a Rural Mississippi Community College Be
Valarie Morgan

191 Does Participating in a Montessori Program Assist in Decreasing Academic Gaps Among Children of Color and Their Counterparts
Rebekah Lemke, Keicia Hawkins

95 Economic Challenges in Higher Education: The Dichotomy of Shared Governance
Tracey Morant-Adams, Elizabeth Davenport

162 Educational (Re)form in Louisiana: An Afro-Creole Historical Perspective on Public Education
Petra Hendry

83 Educational Leadership in K-12 and Higher Education: Similar or Not?
Cheryl Evans, Ed Cunliff, Michaela Grandstaff

226 Effective Implementation of Arts-Integrated Curriculum in a Northeast Louisiana K-6 School
Lindsay Reynolds, Gregory Koers, Tarrieck Rideaux

185 Elementary Pre-service Teachers’ Understanding of Hierarchical Relationships among Quadrilaterals
Rebecca Robichaux-Davis

88 Evaluation of an Alternative Route to Teaching: Teach for Bulgaria
Keith Kershner, Elena Schmidt, Radostina Angelova

210 Everyday People Make History: Reframing the American History Survey
Andrea Ringer

199 Examining the Impact of Writing Interventions and Literacy Strategy Instruction on Middle and High School Mathematics Achievement
Molly Risley, Amy Elleman

156 Examining the Relationship Between Research Self-Efficacy and Preferred Mentoring Characteristics
Ashley Wicker

141 Experiential Statistics: A Literature Review on the Use of Projects to Advance Statistics Education in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom
Trey M. Earle

227 Exploring Factors that Influence Agricultural Literacy
Tommy Phillips, Cecilia Brooks, Julie White, Carla Jagger, Kirk Swortzel, Stephanie Lemley, Brandan Wheeler

87 Exploring Observation hours: Promoting Physical Therapist Students’ Development and Success from Undergraduate to Year One
Thuha Hoang

109 Exploring Perceptions of a High-Needs Priority School
Cortney Crews

81 Exploring the Use of Embodied Games to Improve Mental Rotation Ability
Jiaqi Yu, Andre Denham

154 Extracurricular activities on student achievement: Perspectives of students, parents, and school officials
Anmity Bruton

139 Facilitating LGBTQ+ Conversations in the Language Arts Classroom
Susan Ferguson, Kevin Balius

125 Factors That Impact Kindergarten Teachers' Decisions about Engaging Students' Natural Curiosities in Science
Frances Hamilton

203 Faculty development for clinical preceptors in medical school
Jennifer Kayrouz, Kimberly McFall

Heather Kennedy

102 Feedback and the Virtual Avatar Lab (VAL): Providing Preservice Educators an Opportunity to Develop New Skills in a Live Environment
Erin Klash, Kate Simmons

131 Fiction and Emotions: A Case Study of Secondary ELA Classrooms in Baton Rouge
Danielle Klein

168 First Generation African American Female Student Persistence: Instructors Matter
Angelia Bendolph

158 Food Justice and Care in the School Garden: Cultivating Democracy, Equity, and Community
Colleen Saxen

132 Forest Kindergarten: Lessons Learned from Three Years of a Novel Approach to Public School Kindergarten
Christopher Hansen, Rebecca Boyer

100 Forgotten Paths: Developing Holistic Students Through Historical Practices
Landon Clark

188 Formative Assessment: Instructional strategies to increase student motivation and achievement
Soung Hwa Walker

159 Forming a Consensus of Core Geology Concepts from National Education Reform Documents in the United States
Sarah Katie Guffey, Tim Slater

138 Fostering Cultural and Language Visibility by Integrating Multicultural Literature in the Classroom: A Case Study
Anna Rodgers

82 From Preparation to Published: Writing Your First Article
Teresa Clark, Landon Clark, Randy Wilson

4 Getting a Job in Higher Education: Successful Tips from Senior Colleagues
Larry Daniel, Franz Reneau, Gail Hughes, Vivian Wright, Dustin Hebert

73 Growth and Fixed Mindsets of Principals and Teachers: Is there a Relationship with Teacher Retention?
Melanie Monistere, Evan Mense, Adam Elder, Mindy Dorough

221 Hands-On Workshop: Effective Search for Research Articles and Increase Research Article Visibility
Ajayi Anwansedo, Akai Smith

208 High Impact Practices and Successful Educational Strategies for Marginalized Communities at HBCUs
Krystal Williams, Erica Campbell, Richard Jowers

1 Higher Education’s Cyber Security: Leadership Issues, Challenges, and the Future
Michael Miller, David Gearhart

66 How Cognitive Flexibility Grows and Impacts Later Reading Achievement
Zachary Barnes, Amy Elleman, Eric Oslund, Tim Odegard, Jwa Kim

216 How do Powerful Literacy Practices correlate to student achievement?
Amy Weems, Tammy Whitlock

163 How does a teacher's described personal identities influence their elementary science teaching practices?
Kantrele King

207 How Does Disproportionate Discipline Manifest in Rural Settings?
Julie Workman

106 How Views of Truth Impact Classroom Practices
Lori Chew

198 Idiomas United: Building Community Through the Creation of a Combined English/Spanish as a Second Language Program
Maria Isolina Ruiz, Michelle Haj-Broussard

181 Implementation of Social-Emotional Learning in an Urban High School Setting
Meredith Toth

27 Implementing a Mentoring Program for New Teachers
Stefanie R. Sorbet, Patricia Kohler-Evans

150 Improve Elementary STEM+C Learning through Digital Making
Yan Sun, Celeste Wheat

129 Incorporating Multicultural Literature in the Secondary Curriculum: Teachers’ Perceptions and Attitudes
Jessica Abarquez-New, Mohammed Albakry

67 Increasing Empathy and Awareness among Preservice Teachers through Social-Emotional, Literacy Experiences with at-risk Youth
Stefanie R. Sorbet

187 Initial Impact of a 5-year Recruitment Plan: Recruiting High-Quality Candidates for a Teacher Education Program
Corlis Snow

57 Integrating Research into your Teaching: Undergraduates as Researchers
Cynthia DiCarlo, Jeanette Bankston

134 Integration of Behavioral Health and Primary Care: Lessons Learned from Jackson State University
Lakitta Johnson, McMurtery Regina, Ronica Branson, Chaquia Harris, Frettina Brown, Brown Japonica, Frizell Veronica, Johnson India, Tywanda Berry, Frederick O'Quinn

153 Interdisciplinary Experiential Learning: Evaluating an Undergraduate Research Program
Elizabeth Generas

157 Investigating Teachers' Perception of Digital Citizenship Instruction at Different Stages of 1:1 Implementation
John Walker

123 Investigating the Relationships among Students’ Motivation, Perceptions of Psychological Need Satisfaction, English Self-Efficacy, Classroom Engagement, and English Academic Achievement for Chinese Undergraduate English Majors
Yanyan Chen, Fang Liang, Jeannine Turner

13 It Happens on Friday Nights: A Case Study of Marc, a High School Football Coach
Franco Zengaro, Sally Zengaro

41 Longitudinal Growth Modeling: Mixture Populations
Randall Schumacker

112 Meeting the Needs of Dyslexic Students: Targeted Library Media & Technology Interventions
Stephanie Huffman, Amy Thompson, Erin Shaw

117 More than a Babysitter: Looking Back on an Effective Summer Enrichment Program
Kelly Byrd, Benterah Morton, Elizabeth Allison, Andre' Green

165 Motivational Factors that Influence School Attendance, as Perceived by Students in a Rural Title 1 Middle School
Crystal Robinson, Stephen Marvin

115 Motivational Profiles of Chinese Undergraduate English Language Learners: A Multiple Regression Model
Yanyan Chen, Fang Liang, Jeannine Turner

74 Multiple Linear Regression Models and Collinearity Analysis
Donald Gilstrap

146 Nursing Educators' Perceptions of Teaching Information Literacy to Support Evidence-Based Practice: A Mixed-Methods Study
Ann Deshotels, Ava Pugh

34 Online Doctoral Students’ Perceptions of Learning Management System Tools, Connectedness, and Suggestions
Jill Channing, Sandra Lampley, James Lampley

189 Online Practitioner-Oriented Graduate Programs: Are they meeting the needs of new professionals?
Gina Costello

182 Open Educational Resources: Trends, Initiatives, And Implementations
Emese Felvegi, Ariana Santiago, Robert McCarn, Rebecca Callaway, Sherry Tinerella

209 Parental Engagement in an elementary STEM school
Amy Nissley

50 Perceptions of Principal Candidates Regarding the Consultation Process of Principal Certification
Neil Faulk, Brett Welch, Thomas Harvey

201 Phonological Recoding vs. Memorization: Can Readers Decode Irregular Spellings?
Lorie Johnson

42 Portraits of Plurilingualism from Kazakhstan: Growing up Plurilingual in a Multilingual Country
denise Egea

151 Poster 2.0: A poster session game-changer or a gimmick? An analysis of a new trend in conference poster design.
Kasia Gallo

51 Pre-service Teachers' Perceptions of Play in an Elementary Block
Rose Jones

Jennifer Jacobson

206 Preschool Teachers’ Mental Health: Implications for Early Childhood Policy
Bridget Thomas

77 Preservice Teachers' Awareness of Implicit Bias and Microaggression: Knowing it’s Just a Pencil
Charlotte Green, Louis Nadelson

178 Preservice teachers’ experiences during a summer enrichment program in an urban, high needs school district
S. Katie Guffey, Benterah Morton, Kelly Byrd, Christopher Parrish, André Green, Susan Ferguson, Jennifer Simpson

72 Preservice Teachers’ Risk Perceptions about the Concealed Carrying of Handguns in a University Setting
Matti Ibrahim

75 Prigogine’s Dissipative Structures and Bayesian Statistics
Donald Gilstrap

55 Principles and Potential of Guided Project-Based Learning in Education
Adam Elder

29 Providing Access to Literacy for Individuals with Significant Intellectual Disabilities using Time Delay Strategies
Catherine Price

96 Quantitative Assessment of a Teaching Presence Instrument in an Online Computer Technology Applications Course
Laura McNeill, Margaret Rice, Vivian Wright

54 Recruiting Teachers from Underrepresented Populations
Nykela Jackson, Donna Wake, Angela Webster

38 Research Methods in Educational Leadership Journals: Educational Administration Quarterly, Journal of School Leadership, and Journal of Educational Administration (2010-2018)
Thomas DeVaney

30 Rigor and Quality in Teacher Education: A Case Study
Melissa Chapman, Susana Bloomdahl, David Whaley

35 Rocking Relationships: Using Service-Learning to Develop Cultural Competence in Teacher Education Programs
Jo Hawkins-Jones, Kristen Holmes

11 Rubrics 101: What, When and How
Larry Beard, Joesph Akpan, Charles E. Notar

98 School Libraries, Standards, and the Summer Slide: One Public School District's Approach
Steven Yates

214 Self-perceptions of leadership styles of teacher leaders: An exploratory mixed-methods study
Daniella DiMasso

108 Shaping Social Emotional Learning in an Urban School District
Angela Summers

167 Slider and Likert Scales - Balancing Accuracy and Engagement in Professional Development Post-Event Surveys
Beth Boesche-Taylor, Liz Bergeron, Amil Gehrke

152 Slut Shaming, Girl Power, and the Reclamation of Body Politics in U.S. Schools
Brittany Closson-Pitts

176 Spread the Word! Diversifying the Field of School Psychology
Hal Bronson

135 Teach Like a Coach: Transferring Coaching Practices from the Field and Court to the Classroom
Margaret Westmoreland

64 Teacher candidates-curricula interactions: Conceptualizing learning to teach as a design
O. Matthew Odebiyi, Cynthia S. Sunal

122 Teacher Migration: How School Levels of Support Influence Educator Decisions to Make Lateral Transfers between Schools
Casey Campbell

213 Teacher Perspectives on Feedback: Growth Mindset
Kristin Hartland

36 Teacher Preparation under the Microscope: Developing Science Teachers
Susan Zimlich

113 Teachers’ and Principals’ Perceptions of New Teacher Needs
Kathleen Campbell

3 Teachers’ Views on Truth and the Instructional Impact on Students
Christie Overall

179 Teaching Caring and Curiosity in K-12 Education
Louis Nadelson, Sandra Nadelson

175 Teaching for Possibility: A Deleuzian Mapping of Moments of Destabilization in the English Language Arts Classroom
Elizabeth Anne Murray

85 The 21St Centruy Classroom: Teachers as Change Agents
Donald Snead, Kathleen Burriss

91 The Assessment of Candidate's Professional Dispositions and Work Characteristics: An Example of a Measure for Advanced-Level Educator Preparation Programs
John Hall, Meagan Medley, Kristin Johnson

126 The challenges of measuring the nature and process of knowing: Evidence from Nigerian teacher candidates
O. Matthew Odebiyi, Youn-jeng Choi

23 The Decision-Making Process of Louisiana's Executive University Leaders during Declining State Appropriations from 2008 to 2016
Kelsey Bohl

6 The Duality of Planning for Assessment and Evaluation: The impact on Student Learning
Charles E. Notar, Patricia E. Allanson

89 The Education Doctorate: Investigating Trends in Higher Education
Holly Foster

19 The Effect of Active Learning in Retaining Underrepresented Minorities in Engineering
Sid Martin, Ben Littlepage

71 The effect of unit starters on writing and vocabulary in first grade students
Nicole Crouch, Eric Oslund

21 The Effects of a Mobile Book Lab on the Summer Reading Regression of Elementary At-risk Students at a Select School District in Upper East Tennessee
Tammy Markland, Patrick Kariuki

161 The effects of authentic experiential learning on student mastery of assistive technology interventions in occupational therapy education
Candra Taylor, Joe'l Billingsley

70 The Effects of Cyber-Slacking on Students’ Digital and Hardcopy Assignment Scores
Mohamed Ibrahim, Rebecca Callaway, Rajvardhan Patil

86 The Impact of Instructional Coaches on Student Acheivement and Teacher Instructional Practices in Math and Reading
Donald Snead, Laurie Offutt

107 The Impact of School Leadership on Teacher Migration
Bobby Duke

140 The Impact of Teachers' Metacognitive Awareness on Students' Metacognitive Awareness and Effective Learning
Antonina Rakhmatova

190 The Impact of Trauma Informed Approaches on Social-Emotional Learning Outcomes on a Rural School
Jessica Horton, Keicia Hawkins

204 The Impostor Phenomenon and Aspirations
Hiroki Matsuo

24 The Need for a Better Preschool System in America
Hani Morgan

93 The relationship between the intercept and the slope in upper elementary reading and mathematics using longitudinal data
Bingshi Zhang, Jwa Kim

166 The Relationships among Motivation, Self-efficacy and Language Attainments of Chinese University English Language Learners
Fang Liang, Yanyan Chen, Jeannine Turner

202 The structure of the student risk screening scale for internalizing and externalizing behaviors (SRSS-IE) in K-4
Susan Porter, Jwa Kim

155 The Transition from Traditional to Computerized Course and Program Assessment: A Multi-Campus Experience
Cathy Hall, Judith Pfriemer, Karen Blue, Kellie Martin

Natasha Gerstenschlager

53 Theory, practice and lived experience: Master teachers’ out-of-school curricula in learning to teach
O. Matthew Odebiyi, Elizabeth K. Wilson

45 To Be Read: BookTube and Reader Engagement
Anita Dubroc

2 To Centralize? The Perceived Advantages of Centralized and Decentralized Approaches to University Fundraising Programs
Michael Miller, David Gearhart

61 To Retain or Not Retain: A Review of Literature Related to Kindergarten Retention
Rachel Robertson

20 Transformational Learning through a Short-term Education Abroad Program
Ben Littlepage, Samir Patel

195 Uncovering the Impact of Growth Mindset Factors on the Text Selection of Middle School Students
Jasmine Jackson

142 Undergraduate Women in Engineering: Exploring the Role of Co-curricular Experiences in Graduate School and Career Aspirations
Raeshan Davis

171 Understanding Professional Knowledge Development in a Rural-Serving Alternative Teacher Preparation Program
David Marshall, Sarah Woods, Parinita Shetty

136 Understanding the Gap of Reading Performance between ELL and EOL Children from Low-Income Families in Elementary School Years
Hsin-Hui Lin, Liping Wei, Mei-Chih Wang

69 Unmasking the potential to collaborate: A strategy to improve collaboration in your courses
Sandra Lampley

223 Using Reflective Topical Autobiography: Understanding the Experiences of Black Women Administrators in Multicultural Centers
Erica Campbell

59 Using Their Own Voices: Exploring the Writing of English Language Learners in a Mississippi Middle School
Gabrielle Vogt

186 What Effect Does Telehealth/TeleRehabilitation Have on Patient Outcomes in Patients with
Malori Crockett

196 When choice is detrimental: The impact of choice on engagement and motivation in student writing
Daniella DiMasso, Tabitha Brady

56 Where Theory and Research Meet Practice: A Real-World-Ready Methods Course for Secondary English Majors
Leilya Pitre

105 Why Great Teachers Leave Good Schools: The Impact of Climate and Culture on Teacher Migration
Ronald George


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