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The Mid-South Educational Research (MSER) Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the functions and activities of the Mid-South Educational Research Association (MSERA), as well as to serve as a financial safety net for MSERA. MSER Foundation plans for this year include contributing $1,500 to support graduate student research through the Research-In-Progress program at the annual meeting, continuing to supplement the outstanding paper award by $250, and continuing to support the costs of the MSERA Web site, up to $250, if requested by the Webmaster. If you would like to make a contribution for supporting these activities, please consider making these donations to the MSER Foundation. These donations are fully tax deductible.

For more information, contact Ava Pugh, Foundation president.

Current Board Members

Alabama: Gahan Bailey (2014), Nancy Gaillard (2016)
Arkansas: Rachelle Miller (2016), Gail Hughes (2016)
Kentucky: Ann Chapman (2015), Beverly Klecker (2014)
Louisiana: Julie Holmes (2016), Ava Pugh (2015)
Mississippi: Rebecca Robichaux-Davis (2016), David Morse (2014)
Tennessee: James Lampley (2015), Patrick Kariuki (2016)
At-Large: Randy Parker (2016), Larry Daniel (2014)

Current Officers

President: Ava Pugh
Vice President: David Morse
Executive Secretary: David Morse
Ex-Officio Members (representing MSERA): Franz Reneau, president; Rebecca Robichaux-Davis, president-elect; Dustin Hebert, interim executive director

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